What is Zirconia?

Zirconia (zirconium oxide) is a lightweight and high-strength advanced ceramic material.
Because of its durability, it is also used for the outer wall of space shuttle and artificial joints.
While zirconia is famous as an artificial diamond, in the dental industry it is getting attention as the ultimate aesthetic material.
The materials mainly used in conventional prosthetic treatment are the resin, metal and ceramic. However, the resin discolors, metal has a problem of aesthetic aspects and metal allergy, and ceramic has limitation in terms of strength. Zirconia is then introduced as a material that can cover the disadvantges of each of these materials.
By using zirconia, It has become possible to provide a prosthesis with both esthetic and health aspects, even for molars and bridges that traditionally could not use ceramics in terms of strength.

Type of Zirconia
Pure Zirconia

We use 100% Yttria-stabilized zirconia. Coping and frame parts are created with CAD / CAM, and porcelain is formed with either built-up or overpress technique.
With our service, you can choose the type of CAD / CAM, porcelain brand and formation techniques.

CAD/CAM Systems KATANA Lava 2ENO PROCERA Porcelain Brand Noritake VITA

Application Single crown / Bridge for 2 to 3 tooth lost
Product of Ceramic Factory Tokyo

Zirconia frame with a bridge for multi tooth lost

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All-Ceramics of Ceramic Factory Tokyo

Each all-ceramic product has its advantages and disadvantages. Ceramic Factory Tokyo offers various all-ceramic product types and applications for you to find the best match to your case and request. We also provide consulation by our technical experts and a sales representative to the doctors who wish to start all-ceramics. Please feel free to contact us.

Types of All-Ceramic Crown
Alumina Coping

Alumina coping is an all-ceramic crown composed of a coping created with aluminum oxide, and building porcelain on the top.

Scan the abutment tooth, and send the data to Sweden. Create a coping at the Swedish center and ship it to Japan by air. The building up of porcelain is done at our laboratory.
Strength 600Mpa Application Aesthetic restoration by single crown


Press is a manufacturing method of pouring material into mold. Because the buildup is not done by a technician, its aesthetic appearance is limited to some point.

With the end of sales of Empress system, e.max series is newly introduced. To explain the difference simply, e-max press increases the bending strength to 400 Mpa from 350 Mpa of Empress 2.
Strength 400Mpa Application Single crown / inlay / onlay

Product of Ceramic Factory Tokyo

Aesthetic restoration by all-ceramic crown

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Implant Upper Structure

Ceramic Factory Tokyo offers to make a crown, bridge, abutment processing and custom abutment production corresponding to each implant manufacturer.

Applicable Implant System Brånemark NobelSpeedy(Replace) NobelDirect straumann(former ITI System) ASTRA ASTRA TECH ANKYLOS Calcitek bicon POI System Mytis BIOMET3i

Please feel free to ask us about other implant manufacturers.
Available Coping / Frame Material pure zilconia titanium Available Porcelain Brand Noritake VITA ivoclar vivadent
Product of Ceramic Factory Tokyo
当社の製作物 インプラント

Implant Upper Structure

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